Offering you a unique perspective on construction through a 30-year history of managing wealth and investments for over 20,000 families.


A Strategic Partner in Your Next Project


Most people understand that investing in a renovation is a large decision, but few know exactly where their hard-earned money is going. Not at Dixon. We paint an honest picture by providing an education in construction using real numbers, real designs, real schedules and real results. Our process is specifically designed to ensure you understand every monetary detail of your project, driven by meticulous planning and accurate budgetary forecasting.

An Investment Approach at Work

Purchased by an investor with the intent to renovate and rent the property, Dixon Projects was tasked with the challenge of providing a high-quality renovation on a tight budget. A transparent scope of work and thoroughly negotiated costs for materials and labor allowed the Dixon Projects team to provide the perfect solution.

An in-house collaborative approach between finance, construction, design and architecture allows our best minds to be at your disposal, giving you the tools to make intelligent decisions, optimize every dollar and feel like an active participant at every point along your project’s life cycle.


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Every Project is an Investment

With experience from completing more than 800 renovations ranging from quick kitchen remodels to Park Slope townhomes and Brooklyn coffee shops to high-end Manhattan office fit outs, Dixon Projects has a proven history of creating desirable spaces that optimize value and aid growth over time.

Renovation Investment

History Matters

$20B of Managed Assets
$1B NY metropolitan area property portfolio
$300 Million spent on construction in the past 5 years
$60M in Annual Buying Power
Investment Property Analysis

A history of success, driven by investment strategy and proven by capital growth, enables Dixon Projects to provide specialized services to help people just like you realize their long-term financial goals while creating a beautiful space in the process.

Receive a top-to-bottom property analysis to optimize your space and conceptualize your dreams, followed by a spectrum of designs and mood boards, personalized for you and ready for approval. 

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We’ve been in your shoes before. We know what it’s like to invest money in a project and expect nothing but the best return for your hard-earned investment.

Unlike other companies, we won’t simply tell you what you want to hear, or push you to max out a budget on what’s currently “in vogue.” Instead, we minimize costs and maximize value by operating fully in house; saving you from extraneous fees and the stress of managing separate architects, contractors, and interior designers. Driven by intelligent insights and an empowered team of investment professionals, let us help you make the best financial decision based on your vision and your budget.

Unlock and create wealth for your space.

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