Stunning Rooftop Renovation

Hired by a client in 2015 to unveil this dated property’s hidden potential, the Dixon Projects team was tasked with transforming this Hamilton Park home on Jersey Avenue into an enviable abode. The property did not have rooftop access at the time and the team was determined to provide prominent views of the surrounding area while appropriately celebrating, rather than detracting, from this historic gem.



Construction & Procurement

Interior Design

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The Story of Jersey City's First Skybox

To showcase the beautiful views of one of Jersey City’s most charming neighborhoods, Dixon Projects worked collaboratively with the Historic Preservation Council (HPC) to provide outdoor space, ultimately selecting an innovative design solution that would minimize the appearance of modern materials on a historic home. Having previously tackled a similar challenge at a property in Harlem, Dixon turned back to UK-based company, Glazing Vision, for a unique design solution: the skybox.

What looks like a three-dimensional skylight, is in fact a fully-operable enclosure that provides convenient rooftop access without the mass of a standard rooftop structure. From a historic preservation perspective, the skybox is a no-brainer. It’s low-profile and modest dimensions offer a discreet alternative to typically intrusive penthouses and bulkheads, while maintaining the historic roofline and key architectural features of the original building.

Living room renovation
Luxury kitchen remodel

The Renovation Process

With the skybox plans underway, a crane was used to hoist the one-ton skybox from street to roof. Jersey Avenue’s resulting rooftop deck is the only one in sight, granting its residents complete privacy atop a stunning Hamilton Park jewel. 

Rooftop renovation

This skybox became the first ever in New Jersey and another in Dixon Projects’ collection of Glazing Vision implementations. In addition to the rooftop deck, this home now boasts a gorgeous parlor level with preserved historic details, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a private backyard and more.