Park Slope Condo Renovation 

Situated in a pre-war building with a stringent board, this condominium suffered from two bathrooms desperately in need of a facelift, an unreliable washer/dryer, and an outdated entryway and kitchen. The challenge for the Projects team was clear: navigate the complex requirements set by the building’s board, find out-of-the-box solutions for a washer/dryer relocation and methodically plan to ensure the client’s unique design scheme was successfully executed.





Interior Design



Challenges before Construction 

One of the largest challenges the team faced was relocating the washer/dryer and its necessary plumbing and venting. In their current position, the machines weren’t connected properly and thus rarely worked. As an important feature for the client, it was paramount to find a solution. The first challenge was the restrictions around how and where plumbing could be installed and the second was where the units could actually fit within the confines of the home.

Ultimately, the team opted to move the machines into the kitchen where they could easily run water and cut into the ceiling for proper ventilation. To keep in line with the desired kitchen design, the team built custom matching cabinetry around the units, resulting in a non-obstructive look that blended seamlessly with the aesthetic of the surrounding space.

Kitchen Storage
Kitchen tile-work
Continent Washer/Dryer


Next, the team gut renovated the two existing bathrooms. For the new design, the client selected stunning green tiles that were handmade in Morocco. These particular pieces took six weeks to make and then twelve additional weeks to ship.

Moroccan Tile


The tiles came in small pieces and had to be individually installed by hand to achieve the desired pattern. Meticulous planning in advance afforded the team a large window of time to accommodate this detailed process. Next, the team hired a woodworker to custom build the client’s vanity. To elevate the design, the team also had the woodworker construct a wood frame around the medicine cabinet for an added touch.



In the kitchen, the team replaced the tile backsplash, refurbished the cabinetry and installed brand-new hardware throughout. In the entryway, the team opted to keep the existing built-in shelving for storage purposes, but completely revamped the design to give it a fresh, modern feel.


Open-concept bedroom
Open-concept bedroom

In the end, attention to detail, methodical planning and transparent communication with the board and client allowed the team to successfully navigate the regulations of the building and execute several necessary improvements to deliver a space befitting the client’s tastes and preferences.