Little Collins

Following the success of their first coffee shop, the owner of Little Collins sought to expand the business through a second location nearby.

Situated in the public market of Urbanspace, this new project presented its own series of challenges, including meeting a tight deadline, coordinating with an international design team, and assembling a complex structure within a limited space of approximately 150 square feet. 




Manhattan Café Renovation

Seeking a trusted partner to expand their business, the owner of Little Collins enlisted the Dixon Projects team to bring an empty shell of a space to life.

With an Australian design team already on board from Little Collins’ first location, Dixon Projects managed the execution of a complex booth structure, in coordination with both the overseas design team and the landlord of the building.

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The Transformation

First, the team framed out the main booth, comprised of a standalone steel structure and accented by wood framing and brass strips around the base.


Once complete, custom brass and Rombini tile were seamlessly wrapped around the curved perimeter. In addition, an upper canopy made from perforated aluminum and brass accents was installed to create extra storage and display.

Once the standalone structure was fully complete, stainless steel countertops were specifically cut and installed to match the flush, curved look of the booth.


Finished in approximately eight weeks, this Manhattan café renovation required hyper-detailed planning and a dedicated team of on-site specialists to achieve the unique design envisioned by the owner.

The result is a gorgeous, curved structure that evokes a modern feel and invites New Yorkers to sample one-of-a-kind Australian coffee and fare.

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