Laundry Room Addition

When presented to the Dixon Projects team, the rear extension of this home was in poor condition. Originally purposed as a narrow den for storage, the wood had deteriorated and the paint had begun to chip. Nevertheless, the team saw great potential in this buildable space and executed a practical and resourceful laundry room. Upon completion, the renovation cost under $15,000, adding not only convenience for future tenants, but long-term value for the property as a whole.



Construction & Procurement


Minor Renovation

With no preexisting laundry room in the home, the team was challenged to value engineer this space under a tight budget. By employing smart design and preserving old features where possible, the space resulted in a delightful success.

The team began by opening up the walls to properly insulate the entire rear extension. In doing so, the team ensured the new piping throughout would be fully protected from freezing and any other inhibiting weather conditions.

Laundry room design
Laundry room design
Maintaining a resourceful mindset, the team preserved existing paneling and a stained glass window for a touch of old world charm. To optimize utility, pantry shelves and a folding area, complemented by a hanger rod above, were added to make this renovated space the perfect modern laundry room.
Renovated backyard
In addition, the area leads to a beautifully manicured backyard, complete with AstroTurf, paved concrete, and pine wood fencing. Successfully working under a tight budget, the Dixon Projects team masterfully repurposed this once lackluster space, adding desirable amenities and strengthening the long-term value of the property.
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