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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel 

Located in the Dixon Mills building, this outdated unit was in need of a facelift to hit the sales market under a tight deadline and appeal to the largest possible audience of potential buyers. Successfully completed under $20,000, the kitchen and one-and-a-half baths were remodeled, using a minimal design scheme and a smart optimization of space.


Planning Planning

Construction & Procurement Construction & Procurement

Value-Add Potential

The project began with a walk through of the unit to provide the owner with an idea of where to spend and how to not overcapitalize. Working hand-in-hand with the in-house acquisition team, thorough market analysis was conducted to ensure the value-add potential for each key change to the home. The dated kitchen was the first area to be addressed. The existing layout was maintained, but lime green wall colors, white appliances, old floor tile and a drop ceiling were all replaced. 

Kitchen remodel
Kitchen remodel
The kitchen now features Caesarstone quartz countertops, chrome fixtures, a refreshed ceiling and stainless steel appliances, including a full-size dishwasher. Gray colors from the countertops and new flooring mesh in harmony, while white accents elsewhere complete a welcoming color scheme throughout.

Originally, the unit’s half bath didn’t include a sink. The need for a sink was paramount, yet the small area housed a valuable washer and dryer where the sink would typically be installed. Strapped for space, the team employed a creative solution and sourced a toilet/sink combination.

bathroom remodel
minor renovation

This solution proved to be a strong choice for value-add potential. Existing plumbing wasn’t affected and the addition didn’t require the ultra-desirable amenity of in-unit laundry to be removed. For the full bath, a dated plastic shower body was replaced with a new shower/tub combination and subway tile from floor-to-ceiling. 

To execute this minor renovation, each addition and modification was backed by market data and was strategically chosen to add value and improve the bottom line. The end result is a new, appealing space filled with sleek touches and creative solutions for both the seller and future buyer.

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