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Perched on the clifftops of Jersey City Heights, this abandoned townhouse on Ogden Avenue was a hidden gem left derelict and untouched for a decade. To restore the home, the team would need to gut the unsalvageable structure, excavate the cellar to maximize space, and alter the HVAC system to accommodate a brand-new design scheme.





Interior Design



A Decrepit Condition

The home was presented to the team in decrepit condition. Years of water damage had deteriorated the property, causing structural instability and attracting rodents, mold, and asbestos. 

Because the home had no architectural details left to salvage, the team undertook a full gut demolition to address these issues and transform the space from an eyesore to a home worthy of its iconic views.

Excavating The Cellar

The team then replaced all the joists and reframed the structure from the inside out. To add value, the team demolished a section of the parlor floor to gain access to the cellar level.

Doing so allowed the team to add a second unit in an English basement-style by excavating deeper to add ceiling height. After the cellar excavation was complete, a new concrete slab was poured and the foundation was reinforced throughout.

The result is a two-family home bursting with character at each level. The parlor floor is now devoted to a spacious open-concept living/dining room and a well-appointed kitchen. Exposures on three sides of the home include a state-of-the-art sliding glass NanaWall door that opens to one of three Manhattan-facing balconies.

Aside from the views, the kitchen now features a new focal point stemming from a design challenge that turned into a stunning success. Due to the home’s brand-new open design, the team needed to alter the HVAC system to include ceiling ducts and soffits to effectively heat and cool the home, but feared this change would detract from the Manhattan views.

A nimble approach allowed the in-house interior design team to turn this dilemma into design ingenuity by adding another soffit for aesthetic symmetry with black-and-white kinetic lined wallpaper on the ceiling for a touch of modern character.


The floors above have been reimagined as a sleek and modern four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom showplace with private outdoor space on four levels.

Accessed by a SkyBox and served by a fantastic outdoor kitchen outfitted with a grill, beverage center and sink, this rooftop now offers unmatched luxury.

Careful planning, structural re-engineering, and a bold design vision led the team to successfully renovating this home to its full potential.  

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