East Village Kitchen Remodel

Situated in space-starved Manhattan, this apartment lacked functionality, natural light, and adequate use of space. The client envisioned an updated kitchen layout with abundant storage, but building restrictions made this a complex task. The challenge for the Projects team was clear: Transform this space from crammed and dim to open and airy by creating built-in storage, elevating the ceiling height and carefully navigating building regulations. 






Approvals & Permitting

Construction & Procurement

Clever Storage Solutions

The renovation began by tackling the focal point of the project, the kitchen. Strapped for space, the client was in need of additional storage and desired an expanded kitchen layout. Unfortunately, building restrictions didn’t permit the existing plumbing riser to be relocated, so the kitchen had to remain in its original location. To satisfy the storage goals of the client without re-configuring the layout of the space, the team established a clever solution.

Kitchen Remodel
Modern kitchen transformation

To begin, the team probed the ceiling to assess the potential height for upward expansion. This additional space allowed for elevation of the kitchen ceiling to match the ceiling height in the remainder of the area. The higher ceilings maximize the functionality and visibility throughout the apartment.


The kitchen now features double-tiered custom cabinetry and a counter that wraps around the adjacent wall, providing extra storage and an open kitchen feel, both complete without a layout reconfiguration. In addition, the team extended the counter along the adjacent wall to create breakfast bar seating.


East Village renovation
Bright and airy living room

The client requested that the team install an electric stove in the new kitchen, but building regulations wouldn’t allow for an updated electrical panel to support this appliance. As a key feature for the client, it was essential to find a solution. 

East Village Bedroom renovation
Manhattan Bedroom transformation



Abiding by these regulations, the team installed a sleek gas oven to match the aesthetic of an electric stove while keeping the current electrical panel intact. The remainder of the updated kitchen now features modern fixtures and finishes, including white quartz countertops, a glazed tile backsplash, and luxury appliances. 

Manhattan home renovation
East Village living room transformation

Elsewhere, the original stark white living room and bedroom now feature light gray paint, brand-new hardwood oak floors, and added LED recessed lighting. What began as an apartment that lacked functionality, transformed into a modern home through expert navigation of building regulations and out-of-the-box solutions for much needed storage.

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