Maggie's Farm Espresso

Primed to bring his vision of Australian coffee culture to Downtown Jersey City, the owner of Maggie’s Farm Espresso tasked the Dixon Projects team with renovating a tight space within the confines of an unconventional layout to not only serve top-notch coffee, but savory dishes as well.





Interior Design

Rustic Café Renovation

Before construction began, the team visited the prospective site for a complimentary inspection to advise the owner on a high overview of the renovation in general, including estimated costs and feasibility. Working alongside a broker, the team effectively guided the owner in the right direction and ensured the space would fit the needs and budget of the project he envisioned.

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New Flooring Installation

The renovation began by removing the existing carpet throughout the space to give way for a new polished concrete floor. Unexpectedly, tile was found underneath the carpet, which required removal as well. Preparedness and adaptability allowed the team to overcome this challenge without adding length to the project timeline.

After grinding down and removing the tile, the floor was ready for new drainage and polished concrete, all while remaining on schedule.

The main challenge for this café renovation revolved around the limited square footage and designing the new space around an existing bi-level layout. To overcome this, the team worked to balance a variety of competing components, including seating, serving stations, and the bar area. Seating was split into two distinct areas.

The main counter area offers barstool and counter seating next to large, inviting windows, while a second section located down a few stairs, caters to sit-in diners. This arrangement provides a seamless balance for “grab and go” customers at the top and a more laid back section nearby below.


Optimizing Limited Space

Fitting the café’s new equipment into the small space required hyper-detailed drawings and measurements through Dixon Projects in-house architecture team. While the owner had to make some concessions along the way to accommodate for all the equipment needed in the kitchen/serving area, this delicate process was successfully executed due to meticulous planning and nimbleness.

With branding and décor already in the mind, the in-house interior design team helped the owner achieve his vision of a farm-themed aesthetic by sourcing distressed wood, windmills, barn doors, and more accents to enhance the rustic feel. In addition, a mixture of reclaimed wood and oil-rubbed bronze features throughout all work cohesively to complement the new café’s décor through a “worn” look.


Completed in nine weeks, this Downtown Jersey City café renovation presented a number of challenges, including limited square footage and optimizing a pre-existing layout.

Thoughtful planning and constant communication throughout the project resulted in a final product that ticked all the boxes for the owner and opened the doors of Maggie’s Farm for fresh coffee and a seasonal dining menu.

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