Budget-Friendly Home Renovation

This home came with a poorly-designed layout with small, closed-off areas throughout. In addition, the outdated interior desperately needed a facelift. The team began by planning to open up the boxy layout to better utilize living spaces and tapped the in-house interior designers to fully revamp the space.




Interior Design

Construction & Procurement

Heights Facelift

The parlor level required a full layout redesign to maximize the available square footage. To begin, several walls were removed to open up the space. Because some of the unnecessary walls supported the weight of the home, keeping the space structurally sound required extremely careful planning and preparation. The team opted to add support beams throughout, creating a seamless transition from the kitchen into the living room.

Next, the kitchen layout was reworked to fit the new space. This resulted in an L-shaped design with a breakfast bar overlooking the living room to create built-in seating. Stainless steel appliances and high-quality countertops were added to modernize the room. Just off the kitchen lies coveted access to the updated backyard and patio, featuring state-of-the-art turf and new privacy fencing.

Remodeled Bathroom, Glass Shower


To further expand the space, the existing bathroom was redesigned, giving it an entirely new layout. To accomplish this feat, the team needed to relocate and install brand-new plumbing. The result is a fresh, gorgeous space, outfitted with designer finishes and luxe fixtures. Now, the shower features built-in bench seating and a modern glass enclosure.

A double vanity was also installed, offering a functional, yet attractive option for storage. Capitalizing on the new plumbing, the team added the ultra-desirable amenity of an in-home laundry room, further adding value to the space and convenience for future residents.

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