Crown Heights Brownstone Restoration

Transforming this single-room occupancy residence into a lavish single-family retreat would be a massive undertaking, complete with installation of brand-new mechanical, electrical, and interior framing. The challenge for the team was to strip all unusable elements from the home while rigorously preserving salvageable history and ensuring integration of modern systems throughout.


Restoration & Rehabilitation Restoration & Rehabilitation

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Transitional Design & Rooftop Terrace

The team began by fully exposing the structural framing of the home to validate stability of the joists. In-house engineers remained on site throughout this process to carefully assess integrity while identifying compromised joists for replacement. Moving forward with a transitional design, the team dedicated themselves to harmonizing the old with the new. Thirty layers of paint were stripped, sanded, and repainted to revitalize original trim and detailed casings around the parlor floor pocket doors, which now lead to a brand-new kitchen and deck. Restored archways and moldings highlight a sprawling dining and living area, reconfigured through the removal of a partition wall. 

The Transformation

Below the parlor floor, an uninhabitable cellar became livable through the removal of a furnace and old electrical wirings, resulting in a finished floor complete with a rec room, guest room, and in-unit laundry. To optimize the design, a massive floor-through suite, outfitted with an expansive walk-in closet and a marble bath with glass shower, soaking tub, and dual sinks, now occupies the entirety of the second level.

Modern kitchen redesign
Rec room and french doors

A distinctive crowning gem, the top floor bestows a penthouse plus rooftop terrace combination. Offering complete privacy and added square footage, the space features a full wet bar and powder room. Detailed planning and intelligent design helped to position the team to quickly and effectively execute this multi-faceted brownstone renovation in record time and under budget.   

Brooklyn rooftop terrace
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