Seven Point Espresso

A Melbourne-based restaurant group longed to open its sixth location and enter the American market. When an Aussie native turned Brooklynite offered to invest in the idea of Seven Point Espresso’s New York City debut, their dreams began to take form. But, in order to bring Melbourne’s social café experience to a Brooklyn audience, the Seven Point team needed a company that could make this spot truly feel like home. 


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Coffee Shop Renovation in Crown Heights

With a tight deadline only three weeks away where every minute meant missed opportunity, the challenge was clear: Pass codes with lightning speed and deliver a beautifully finished product in order for business to operate in a timely manner.

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To meet the city’s strict building requirements, the changes at this space would be more than a simple cosmetic fix. The team quickly identified an existing violation of NYC plumbing codes—a grease trap located in the wrong area, with improper venting—and developed a cost-effective and design-friendly solution.

Seven Point Expresso
Seven Point Expresso

Three weeks later, the corroding space had been transformed into a beautiful café environment. Stunning custom millwork counters, tables, stools, niches and a bar fill Seven Point Espresso and generate acclaim amongst all who enter.

An overbearing and dark shelving unit was removed and replaced with a three-quarter height white accent wall baring the Seven Point Espresso logo providing a cozy atmosphere for regulars and first-timers alike.
Brooklyn cafe renovation
A striking metal-wrapped main counter features zinc against wood slats and a stainless steel counter top, providing the perfect backdrop for brand-new, high-grade appliances assisting in the brewing of amazing Australian coffee.
Brooklyn Cafe renovation
Brooklyn cafe renovation

Visitors to the shop should remember to look up – the preserved, etched ceiling gives the space a special touch and features industrial style light fixtures. Further adding to the juxtaposition between old and new, the large mirror behind the coffee bar and the tiled floors were preserved from the days when this space was originally a barbershop.

Brooklyn cafe renovation

Once a dull space hiding a rich history beneath its darkness, this fresh café now welcomes all who enter with its bright Brooklyn vibe and Australian flair. 

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