Backyard Renovation

Pressed for time and working within a small budget of under $15,000, the Dixon Projects team was challenged to renovate this quaint backyard under tight circumstances. From the beginning, the team saw potential in the backyard’s existing structure, but knew it would require thoughtful planning and careful restoration of original elements to make this outdoor space flourish.


Restoration & Fabrication


Construction & Procurement

Outdoor Remodel with Budget in Mind

With budget in mind, the team saved everything they could from the backyard including, planter beds, vinery, CMU blocks, and brick pavers. The team refurbished the walls of the planter beds where brick and mortar had crumbled over time.

Then, the team renewed the mortar joints of the brick, repainted the CMU blocks, and trimmed the vines accordingly. In addition, the rear façade of the home received a fresh coat of paint to match the updated finish of the outdoor space.

Backyard Ideas
Backyard Ideas

After the restoration process was complete, the project came in under budget, which allowed the team to apply additional features. The team added new turf and fencing, and the planter beds were complemented by a timer and irrigation system.

Renovated backyard

As a finishing touch to make the space pop, the team added colorful landscaping. A combination of old and new with a variety of textures and materials, this stunning backyard now boasts ample privacy and serves as the perfect place to unwind.

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