meredith Asked:

Any tips on paint colors?

It’s important to keep in mind that paint color can vary in accordance with natural light. The same color can change from room to room, or at various points of the day depending on the time of year. Therefore, the key to choosing a great paint color is identifying which direction a room faces and how much natural light it receives as a result.

In general, northern-facing rooms not only receive the least natural light, the quality of the light tends to be the coolest. In this instance, selecting a darker paint color will create a dramatic, moody setting.

Contrastingly, southern-facing rooms tend to be filled with warm natural light throughout the day, allowing essentially any color to flourish. Western-facing rooms tend to be cooler in the morning and brighter in the afternoon, while eastern-facing rooms are the opposite. For these types of rooms, consider how you want to use them to help you find a great color.

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