There are a few options to have both heating and cooling as one operable system.

Option 1: A “Mini-Split” system is the quickest to install and the most efficient option. A quiet “heat pump” is typically installed outside the home, either on the ground, wall, or roof. Wall units that supply both cool and warm air are then installed inside the home on the top level of the walls. Usually, one unit is installed per room and these units are operated by remote control. The “Mini-Split” system typically takes 2-3 days to install and doesn’t require major wall, ceiling or floor modifications.

Option 2: A standard central air system, otherwise known as “HVAC” isn’t as efficient as a “Mini-Split” system as it draws more energy. The system requires large wall, ceiling and/or floor openings to run the air duct tunnels to deliver warm and cool air throughout the home. Condensing units are installed outside the house. Then, a gas fired furnace and an evaporator coil for cool air are typically installed either in the basement or the attic area. The “HVAC” system takes approximately 7-14 days to install.

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