Webster Avenue

Purchased by an investor with the intent to renovate and rent the property, Dixon Projects was tasked with the challenge of providing a high-quality renovation on a tight budget. A transparent scope of work and thoroughly negotiated costs for materials and labor allowed the Dixon Projects team to provide the perfect solution.


permits-icon.png Planning

permits-icon.png Approvals & Permitting

permits-icon.png Construction & Procurement

Layout Transformation

The team began by tackling the property’s outstanding issues. Applying their extensive knowledge of building codes, the team rerouted exposed radiator piping to fit efficiently within the property’s walls. Recognizing the immediate need for storage and utility for both the owner and potential tenants, the team also incorporated a shared basement space featuring two laundry closets (one for each tenant) and two private storage rooms with two separate laundry units as the perfect finishing touch.

Above ground, both units gained new white oak hardwood floors throughout and updated kitchens with custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances for a sleek monochromatic aesthetic.

Bathroom flip
Rear deck construction
Each bathroom underwent a full-gut renovation and now feature new finishes and polished fixtures. Outside, a dilapidated rear deck was restored while landscaping and new planting beds enhance the private backyard.
Kitchen renovation

New & Improved Layout

The team intelligently reconfigured the second unit’s layout turning the unit into a two-bedroom home, creating added value for the owner. Upon completion, Dixon facilitated the entire rental process through marketing and leasing assistance provided by Dixon Leasing’s team of in-house professionals.
Jersey City property flip
A testament to efficient execution under a tight budget and strategically coordinated design, the Dixon Projects team provided the owner with a high-quality renovation for a stunning new incoming-generating property.